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A quick guide to work and study without Internet access

I was on a business trip in Europe for 9 days. 9 days that I’ve spent without regular Internet access and networking, checking my email and social media accounts only accidentally (yay to Starbucks and Ville de Narbonne for free daily 1-hour Internet access).

CaptureI had a couple of work-related issues that have happened during my absence and had to be managed quickly in social media channels to prevent potential negative impact on company brand. In addition to that, I had to read different articles (for COMM 506 and COMM 597 courses), as well as prepare written responses to courses topics. It was excruciating, but I’ve managed to resolve the majority of the issues. How?

Here’s the quick guide on resolving the work and study-related issues without regular Internet access.

  1.     Finding the Internet (ofc!)

Ask the locals to show you the places with free Internet access (alternatively – look for the Free WiFi sign). Usually the time you can be online in such places is limited to 1 or 2 hours. However, when you’re there, you can check emails, download all the information you need to read and check phone numbers of the people you might need to connect with. Read the rest of this entry


Social Capital and You

I bet you’ve heard the term “social capital” a zillion times. Over the last decade it became another corporate buzzword that is mindlessly used everywhere. “Build your social capital”, “reap social capital benefits”, “invest in social capital” and even “social capital and you” – how often did you see articles or pages with titles like that? For instance, Google finds 124 million results for the query “how to build social capital”.


However, a lot of people do not know what “social capital” is in reality. In popular culture social capital is usually defined in economic terms and implies getting some advantages or benefits via communication. According to Kadushin, the theory of social capital has two underlying assumptions: Read the rest of this entry